Telecommunications Construction (ISP and OSP)

ISP Construction

  • Fiber optic and copper line installation from building IDF locations to customer premises (post-wire as well as pre-wire)
  • Drilling holes in wood or metal floor joists (pre-wire)
  • Mounting D-rings for securing wire properly. (pre-wire)
  • Cut sheet rock or remove false ceiling to run wire to unit. (post-wire)
  • Fiber placement along vertical risers on interior of building (MDF to IDF)
  • Placement of fiber through conduit or open riser from floor to floor.
  • New pathway creation. (Place conduit on building interior)
  • Core drill concrete walls and floors.
  • IDF and MDF room set up for Customer to Network interface.
  • Place housings including Modem racks and Power units
  • Terminate customer lines if necessary (Cat5, Coax or Fiber) and route to housings.
  • Fiber splicing (Mechanical and Fusion)
  • Fusion splice and test fiber optic lines.
  • Power through testing of fiber lines to ensure all splices are within spec
  • OTDR testing and Documentation
  • Splice case entry and set up

OSP Construction

  • Place aerial fiber, utility pole installation, make-ready, aerial service wire, forced relocations
  • Underground conduit placement, fiber optic placement in duct, vault installation, joint utility trenching, relocation of underground facilities,
  • Buried service installation, right of way trenching, traffic control, right of way/ landscape restoration
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